Friday, June 3, 2011

Cannons and Kegs

Appalachian Brewing Company - Gettysburg, PA

Last night Dad and I joined Tim and Tom, both Mug Club members, for a trek out to ABC Gettysburg, a satellite location to their main brewery in Harrisburg PA. (they also have another location in Camp Hill, and a brand new location in Collegeville PA right outside of Philly) The brewery is located at the crest of Seminary Ridge right beside General Lee's Headquaters.

I always thought this was just a brewpub, I didn't learn until last night that they do indeed brew there. They have a 10bbl capacity brew system located in the lower level of the building. Another interesting fact is that they brew using 100% natural ingredients.

The beer...from left to right front row, Trail Blaze Organic Brown Ale, Hoppy Trails IPA, Susquehanna Stout, Green Tea Pilsner. Back row, Hefe Weizen, Mountain Lager, Purist Pale Ale, "Jolly Scot" Scottish Ale. The standouts were the brown ale, stout, and scottish ale. I was really looking forward to trying the Green Tea Pilser, but it just didn't have enough of anything. It was very light and had very low carbonation which gave it the mouth feel of water, with just a hint of green tea. Not what you would expect from your typical pils, it would make a great "hot day mowing the lawn" beer though.

The beer highlight of the night was their "Jolly Scot" on beer engine. Basically, instead of a regular tap, this beer is hand pumped from a container or cask in the basement or cellar of the building. This method results in a less carbonated, softer, and cellar temperature version of the beer.

With this trip to the Gettysburg location, it leaves only one ABC location that I have not visited (the new Collegeville location). The main brewery in Harrisburg, and the two brewpubs are all great examples of what you want from a brewery / brewpub. Great atmosphere, good food (the pretzels are the best around), and a wide variety of beers. They have something for everyone. If you are in the area of one of these locations, or are looking for something different, stop in, order the pretzels, have a beer and relax for a bit. Thanks for the invite guys, hope to do it again soon.

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