Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Brew Day

Well I went a bit overboard on Friday night... My goal was to brew a summer ale, but I've done that before. So I thought...why not brew an imperial summer ale? I wasn't really thinking when I doubled the malts from 6lbs to 13lbs, and we ended up with an OG in the barley wine range.

Here is the recipe:

6lbs Briess Pilsen Light DME
7lbs Light LME
2lbs Belgian Aromatic Malt

1oz Sweet Dried Oranage Peel (last 15 minutes)
1oz Bitter Dried Orange Peel (;ast 15 minutes)
2oz Dried Lemon Peel (15 minutes)

1oz Saaz hops (bittering 1 hour)
1/2oz Nugget hops (bittering 1 hour)
1/2oz Saaz hops (flavoring 15 minutes)
1/4oz Nugget hops (flavoring 15 minutes)
1/2 Saaz hops (finishing 3 minutes)
1/4 Nugget hops (finishing 3 minutes)

1 pack Safale US05 ale yeast / plus a yeast slurry from Jack Longstreet

So this is a heavy beer...here are the numbers:

OG - 1.112 (1.114 with temp adjustment)
Temp - 75degrees (60 degrees with adjustment)

That leaves us with an ABV in the 10-12% rage.
So we're up there in the barleywine "oh God what have I created" region.

Thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Longstreet for their brew help, wealth of brewing knowledge, and yeast slurry.

Good luck brewing!