Thursday, July 12, 2012

You Love Me! You Really Love Me!

Remember this?

So this is a heavy are the numbers:

OG - 1.112 (1.114 with temp adjustment)
Temp - 75degrees (60 degrees with adjustment)

That leaves us with an ABV in the 10-12% rage.
So we're up there in the barleywine "oh God what have I created" region.

Just over a year ago, I brewed the strongest beer I've ever brewed. The Double Play is a 10.8% ABV barley wine, brewed in the summer and intended to be enjoyed in the cold witner months. I dry hopped three gallons of it with a bunch of Simcoe (credit is due to my buddy Jack, as dry hopping was his idea) and was really pleased with the final product.

Turns out, some others thought it turned out ok too, because it won 3rd place in the Dark Ales and Lagers Category at this years annual York County Heritage Trust Homebrew Competition that coincides with they annual Micro Fest.

Having not brewed since August, I needed a kick in the ass - this was that kick. Thanks to all the people that gave my beer good marks and for the York County Heritage Trust for the opportunity - see you next year.

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